Welcome! I’m so happy you stopped by. I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Christin and it was given to me by my mother. There’s actually a funny story behind how I was named and I would like to tell about it.

When I came a long, my parents already had two older kids. You see, my brother’s name was supposed to be Daniel, but instead, he was named after my father. From what I understand is, my father’s mother thought that my dad should have a junior. So,  my brother is a junior and my mom wasn’t too happy with this. So here she is, 7 years later, pregnant with me and she told my father, “If you can name someone after you, then I’ll name my daughter after me.” All she did was take off the E from her name and created mine. Then, of course, she named me after her mother for my middle name. By doing that, I had the same initials as my mother.

I’m from a small town in South Louisiana and I was brought up in a Catholic home. It wasn’t a strict Catholic home but I did go to church every Sunday and attended religion (or Sunday school). I was raised to believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. When I became older, I did move away from the church and never really went back. I did in fact keep some of the teachings and did away with somethings that just didn’t seem right to me. When it comes to religion, I identify more so with Christianity. Now that I’m on my own spiritual path, I’m learning more about things that I want to learn about but keeping my Christian Faith. That’s one of the main reasons why I choose the name Eclectic Witch. Another reason why I’ve chosen the name Eclectic is because, I’m able to keep what works for me and leave what doesn’t behind to create my own belief.

As stated before, I am a believer of God but I also believe in the Universe. I believe that God not only created us, but he also created the Universe that we know so little about. Without Him, we would not be here and the magical things that is all around use would be nonexistent. God speaks to us in many different ways. It’s up to us how we want to receive those messages and how to use it. I choose to use different types of tools to receive my messages from Him.

I’m on my own spiritual journey to a higher connection and having this blog will help me keep track of that. Some may not agree with my way of thinking or how I do things. I know in my heart and soul this is what I must do in order to grow in all ways possible. You’re more than welcome to come along with me on this journey. Take what connects with you and leave what doesn’t. 

Blessed be my friend.