Love & Happiness Simmer Pot

Wednesday, July 6, 2022


I know I haven’t been posting much on my blog but that will change now that I’m all organized and ready to get back to blogging. While I was away, I’ve been creating my own simmer pot recipes. Let me tell you, some have smelled so amazing and some not so much. Either way, the items used in my simmer pot recipes are beneficial to your home and you spiritual. It’s always a plus when they smell good too.

The more I follow my path and practice, the more I’m learning that I do a lot of hearthcraft and that I’m more of a house witch than I like to admit. I started reading the book ‘The House Witch’ again, and a lot that is mentioned in this book, I already do. So it’s reassuring to me that I am on the right path for my practice and that I’ve been doing a lot of hearthcraft just about my whole life. Part of my practice that I like to do are simmer pots and I’m here to share the recipes that I come up with for you all to try. Below is a recipe for love and happiness. This can be used for yourself or for your home and the people who live with you. I like to do a simmer pot at the start of each month but you can do them whenever you like. 

Supplies Needed:

  • A pot. I use a small crockpot.
  • A stove if using a pot.
  • A knife and spoon.
  • A pen or sharpie.

Ingredients Needed:

Below are the ingredients you will need for this simmer pot. I’m not going to go into to much detail of each item, but I will give you a quick overview of each.

1. Oranges
To summon love, luck, and to manifest prosperity.

2. Rosemary
Used for protection, love, lust, boosting energy, purification, and good health.

3. Mint
Used for healing, protection, wealth, energy, and communication.

4. Motherwort
Helps builds confidence and success.

5. Red Rose Petals
Brings in peace, love, and happiness.

6. Bay Leaves
Helps with protection, purifications, cleansing, and manifestation.


Once you have all your supplies and ingredients, you would want to add everything to your pot.
  1. Add water to your pot and bring it to a boil. Then bring the temperature to a simmer.
  2. Cut your oranges and add them to your pot.
  3. Add in your rosemary, mint, motherwort, and rose petals to your pot.
  4. Before you add in your bay leaves, you can write on each leaf the things you would like to bring into your home and life. For this simmer pot I wrote: happiness, love, peace on three bay leaves.
  5. Once you’ve added in all your ingredients, stir them counter clockwise with you spoon to bring in things into your life and home.
Before I do my simmer pot, I do pray to my God and after, I thank my God and the herbs I’ve used. You don’t have to do this but I like to do this for my own beliefs. 

Once my simmer pot is done, I let it cool and then I dump everything in my pot at the base of one of the trees in our yard. This is just what I like to do when I’m done with my simmer pot. You don’t have to do this and you can do as you wish with what is left of your own simmer pot. Please do not drink or eat the items in your simmer pot.