Color Magic

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

I know I’ve been a little quite here on the blog for a week or two. I had to take some time to rest and “get away” from social media and the internet in general. I’m behind on getting my own research into my grimoire and may take some time “away” again at a later date. I also need to make more products for my Etsy shop. But for now, I want to talk about color magic.

On another post, I talked about color correspondences. This is a great starting point to know what each color means and what feelings they correspondence with. I also created an image you can download and add into your grimoire (BOS). In this blog post, I want to go over how you can harness the power of colors and how you can add it into you craft.

What I love about color magic is that I can use it every day without having to do a spell or ritual. What I’m finding out about my own path is that I’m more of an “everyday” witch. What I mean by this is, I like to do a little magic through out the day and I don’t have to ‘actually’ do a spell. Let me clarify a bit here. Spells for me, takes a lot of time and research. Sometimes I will take a whole day to do research on the herbs and ingredients a spell needs before actually doing the spell. I’m not the type to just jump into a spell or ritual. I have to know why I’m doing this and what effects it will have. But with color magic, I don’t have to think or research it at all. It’s something easy I can do every day.

What is color magic (magick)?

Color magic is using colors and the intention of each color to invoke its magical properties. Each color gives off different energies and feelings. Colors change the mood of places and people. Some people have a favorite color or a color they are most attached to because is gives them a certain feeling. 

When using color magic, you want to have that colors meaning in mind. Say I want a room to be calming a relaxing, I will decorate it with some blues and a hint of yellow. Or if I want to give off a loving feeling, I will decorate the room with pinks and a hint of white. 

I like to use color magic throughout my home and in my everyday life. Each room in my home it decorated with a color scheme or theme. I also like to use color magic within my beauty routine as well. This would include my makeup and nails along with what I choose to wear for the day. 

Color Meaning

Each color has general properties and meanings. Color is used throughout the world and within businesses to invoke certain feelings. Keep in mind that the most important aspect of any magic is YOU. We all relate to colors in different ways. I’ve already went over each color correspondences in another post, so I’m not going to repost it here.

How I use Color Magic

I don’t work with all colors because I already have those “color qualities“ within me. When I feel I need a little boost, then I will add that color to my day. For example, yellow and orange is associated with communication. When I’m having a hard time coming up with something to write about, I use a yellow or orange mechanical pencil or pen to write down my ideas.

Every morning, after I wake up, I put on my mascara and lipstick. I pretty much keep the same color lipstick and never use a different kind. My makeup range between pinks and browns and a little black. For me, pink is apart of my personality. The color pink gives off love, compassion, harmony, etc. One of the reasons why I don’t really stray from the color pink within my makeup.

One of the most ways I use color magic is within my nails. I like to do my own nails and I choose the colors I want to use with the intent of the meanings of each color. I can use as many colors as I want on my nails but I like to stick with two to three different colors unless I do some kind of nail art. This is the main way I use color magic.

I also use color magic with my coffee and tea. I choose a mug that has the colors I want to work with for that moment. I do this every morning and every evening. By doing this, I’m able to do self magic. If I’m feeling down or low on energy, I use my yellow mug. If I want to calm down for the day, I use my blue mug. The use of color magic within your drinks and cups/mugs are endless. 

Color magic can be used whenever and however you want. It’s the most easiest way you can do magic. Jus about every person on the plant has or is doing color magic without knowing. They do this by having a favorite color or changing up the color within a room. Color magic can be the smallest and the most simplest way to do magic. It’s all about bing aware and the intentions you want to have or give off.

I hope this helps you and gives you the courage to start using magic within your everyday life.