Bay Leaf Properties

Friday, January 14, 2022


Bay leaves are used within witchcraft and a long with cooking. Bay leaf is known for their potential ability to protect the body and aid in the management of diabetes. They also will help with protection, purification, and manifesting when doing spell work. 

Bay leaf is also known as Laurus nobilis. Its native to Asia Minor but it spread to the Mediterranean and other regions with a similar climate throughout the years. You can grow your own bay leaves or purchase them from a store. Bay leaves are pretty common when cooking and/or in the witch community.

Using Bay Leaves

The use of bay leaves when cooking include, grinding the leaves or add them whole to add flavor when cooking. In Louisiana, we use bay leaves a lot within our cooking but we tend to leave them whole and remove the leaf when done. The reason for this is, your body can’t break down the leaves or digest them.

The use of bay leaves when doing spell work is to help with protection, healing, success, and manifesting. Bay leaves can be used on its own or with other ingredients when doing spell work. It’s also known as a wishing herb. If you receive a bay leaf as a gift, you can wish upon it and you wish will come true.

Bay Leaf Healing Properties

With the wide range of benefits that these leaves offer, please do not eat the leaves whole. Any medicinal benefits these leaves give, please seek a medical professional for advice.

1. Can help with managing diabetes as it can lower blood sugar levels.

2. The leaves are antibacterial and anifungal.

3. Helps reduce arthritis, joint pain, stress, and anxiety.

4. Helps with your digestion system.

5. Can help you with protection from psychic attacks and help enhance psychic ability.

Bay Leaf Properties


Colors: Dark green when fresh, Ashy olive green when dried

Botanical Name: Laurus nobilis  (Lauraceae plant family)

Other Names: Bay Laurel, Turkish Bay, Grecian Bay, Mediterranean Bay

Aroma: Woodsy sweet with hints of nutmeg and pepper. Bitter in taste

Harvest: Anytime during the day. Peek time is mid-summer


Gender: Masculine

Element: Fire

Planet: Sun

Zodiacs: Leo and Aries

Deities: Apollo, Daphne, Gaia, Peneus

Chakras: Third Eye and Solar Plexus

Magical Properties

Protection, healing, purification and cleansing, creativity, strength, psychic awareness, enhancement, manifestation, prosperity, stress and anxiety reliever, helps with joint pain and digestion, boosting energy, 

Sourced From

Turkey | Southern Europe | Mediterranean Region | Some parts of he USA

Origin: Ancient Greek, Asia Minor

Grow your knowledge about the properties of bay leaves

Grow your knowledge about the properties of bay leaves Grow your knowledge about the properties of bay leaves Grow your knowledge about the properties of bay leaves