My Reading List

Monday, December 20, 2021


The pass few years, I’ve been adding to my growing book list on Amazon. When I decided to start my patch as a witch I purchased ‘What Type of Witch Are You’ and ‘How To Become a Witch’. Those two books I would not recommend at all because truth be told, you can find a lot of that information for free using Google. I was also disappointed in those two books as well.

Then I brought the kindle book ‘Witchcraft Therapy’ and ‘The Complete Grimoire’. Witchcraft Therapy was okay and I’ll have a review of it soon. I may have to reread it as well as The Complete Grimoire. The Complete Grimoire had a lot of useful information but I do want to get the hard copy of it. I’ll also have a review of this book posted soon too. 

I’ve been reading but honestly, the last two books above I stoped reading. I just couldn’t get through them. I don’t know why but I moved on to what I’m reading now. Right now I’m reading ‘Crystals for Beginners’ and ‘The House Witch’. Crystals for Beginners I’ve had for a few years now but never really read it. The house Witch, I just got in November and started to read. I’ve also purchased ‘The Green Witch’ that is on my to read list. 

I just wanted to share what’s on my reading list with you all. I do have more but I want to read what I have first before I move on to a few history books I want to read. What books are you reading? Do you have any recommendations for someone who is just starting on their path as a witch? Or just really good books that you think are good to read and have?