Crystals for Healing

Friday, December 10, 2021

Energy flows between three aspects of you. These three aspects are: your ming, body, and soul. You need to balance and care for these three things just like you would care for any other thing or person. For your energy to be balance, you need to remove or absorb energy or remove any blockage within your mind, body, and/or soul. Crystals can help with this along with yoga, meditation, grounding, and many other things. In this blog post, we will talk about how crystals can help balance you.

What crystals can heal?

Like I said above, we need to balance our energies in our mind, body, and soul or spirit. These three things are what crystals can help heal. Let’s get the meaning of each area.


Your body is the physical aspect of you. Crystals can help balance the energy flowing through our bodies and bring about physical change.


Your mind is both physical and nonphysical aspect of you. Our mind is something that scientist are still trying to figure out and learn about. Our mind can hold so many things and it’s always good to balance it and take care of. Our mind is what keeps us going and sometimes what can stop us. The energies of crystals can help balance our minds to bring healing along with meditation.

Soul or Spirit

Your soul or spirit is the part of you that is nonphysical. No one can truly explain our spirits. But what we can do is get to know our soul and learn to care for it. Crystals can assist in balancing and caring for our soul/spiritual energy.

Some may not believe in this and that’s okay. It’s all about wether or not you want to give this a try. If you are someone who is struggling and don’t know where to go or how to get help, seek out a professional. Take care of yourself by doing your shadow work (I will talk more about this later on) or in general. A counselor or therapist can help you and help balance all three as well. 


Chakras are energies that connects our physical aspects to our nonphysical aspects of ourselves. They help connect our body to our mind and soul/spirit. The 7 main charkas run along our spinal column. Each one of those chakras has it’s own energy, color, and meaning. To help balance each chakra, you can use crystals, yoga, meditation, etc.


This would be your first chakra and located right at the base of your spine. The color for this charka is red. It’s the center of identity, energy, stability, safety, comfort (to be). Your root relates to safety and security, as well as your legs and feet.


This is your second charka and located at your belly button. The color for this charka is orange. It’s the source of prosperity, personal power, and sociability (to feel). Your sacral also relates to your digestive, lower back, abdominal, and sexual organs.

Solar Plexus

This is your third charka and located right below your sternum (middle of your chest). The color for this charka is yellow. It’s the source of self-esteem, strength, and boundaries (to act). Your solar plexus also relates to lower or mid-back pain, as well as pancreas and urinary system.


This is your fourth charka and located in the center of your chest. The color for this charka is green. It’s  the source of compassion, kindness, love, and forgiveness (to love). Your heart also relates to issues with your ribs, lungs, and actual heart. 


This is your fifth charka and located above your Adam’s apple or in the middle of your neck. The color for this charka is blue. It’s the source of speaking your truth, communication, creativity, and surrendering (to speak). Your throat also relates to issues with your thyroid, throat, and mouth.

Third Eye

This is your sixth charka and located in the center of your forehead. The color for this charka is indigo. It’s the source of intuition, meditation, trust, and intellect (to see). Your third eye also relates to your eyes, ears, head, and brain.


This is your seventh charka and located at the top of your head. The color for this charka is violet or white. It’s the source of knowledge, consciousness, spirituality, and fulfillment (I am). Your crown also relates to systemic issues and musculoskeletal issues. 

Each charka can be opened and closed with crystals that associates with that charka’s color. You can also use yoga and/or meditation to work on your charkas. Working on each charka will help you to heal and stay balanced. It’s part of sale-care and it’s on of the most important things you can do while on your path as a witch. Even if your not on a witch path, it’s good to take care of yourself to stay balanced in this world and the spiritual world.

Learn about your 7 charkas and how crystals can help heal you


Meditation, as I mentioned in this post, is another great way to be balanced and to care for yourself. It’s anything that will help focus your mind on the present moment. You can say a word or affirmation over and over to help keep you focus or you can have a completely clear mind. I know for some it’s hard to just quite your mind, so saying a mantra or word over and over helps them to focus. 

If the above doesn’t work for you, then you can try sound meditation. This can be anything that will help you to clear your mind to meditate. Some like to use sound mediation like music, guided meditation, or self sounds. You can vocalize your own sounds for each charka in meditation. Below are the sounds you can make to help you with meditation.

  • Root: Uhhhhhhhh 
  • Sacral: Ooooooo
  • Solar Plexus: Ohhhhhh
  • Heart: Ahhhh
  • Throat: Eye
  • Third Eye: Ay
  • Crown: Eeeeeeee

Learn about your 7 charkas and how crystals can help heal you

There’s also hand jesters and yoga positions that can help with meditation and opening up your charkas. Below is a list of references that can help you.

Heath Line

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Learn about your 7 charkas and how crystals can help heal you Learn about your 7 charkas and how crystals can help heal you Learn about your 7 charkas and how crystals can help heal you Learn about your 7 charkas and how crystals can help heal you