The Power of Crystals

Monday, November 15, 2021

Crystals have been around for centuries. Societies throughout history has used crystals for the healing properties they offer. Crystals and gemstones are also valued for their beauty and for the unique vibrational energies they give off. The vibrational energies within crystals can affect the energy fields all around us, including our own energy field.

Natural crystals are formed deep within the Earth over hundreds, thousands, millions of years. These types of crystals have an unaltered natural energy. Laboratory crystals are crystals/gemstones created by ‘man’ (manmade). They are formed quickly without the Earth’s energy attached to it. These types of crystals still retains and holds energy within them. When you are handling any type of crystal or stone, you will change the energy of it. All matter is made up of vibrating strings of electricity.

What are crystals?

As stated above, crystals can be formed from the Earth and be manmade. In this part of my post, I want to talk about true natural crystals. 

Crystals are natural elements that come from the Earth. True crystals have an organized grouping of a crystal system called a lattice pattern. There are six lattice patterns that appears within crystals. There are also a category of stones known as amorphous crystals. These type of stones doesn’t have an interior crystalline structure but can be called crystals.

Crystal Lattice Patterns


Crystals that have a 3-D hexagon structure


Crystals that have a cubic structure


Crystals that have a 3-D parallelogram structure


Crystals that have a diamond-shaped crystalline pattern


Crystals that have a rectangular structure


Crystals that have a structure with three inclined axes

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Crystals Color

The color of a crystal can play a role in the energetic healing it has on you. It can also affect how attractive it is to you. The minerals and impurities impact which light wavelengths the crystal will absorb and the color that appears as a result. Different impurities and minerals affect light differently.

Crystals, Rocks, Gemstones, or Minerals?

The terms above are used interchangeably with people and is commonly done when discussing crystals. Truthfully, it does become confusing at times on which word to use. I tend to use crystals and rocks but there are properties within rocks, gems, and minerals. Some crystals can very will be a crystal, rock, and mineral all in one. Below or the terms and the meanings to know which is which.


A mineral that has a crystalline interior structure. 

Gemstone/Tumble Stone

A cut and polished crystal, mineral, or rock.


A naturally occurring substance with a chemical composition and a structure that may or may not be crystallin.


A combination, or aggregate, of minerals. A rock that has been subjected to heat and pressure over time.

Now that we went over the power of crystals and the different terms and types, I will start on my new blog series about crystals. I will go more into details about the powers of crystals and different types of crystals. This series will be an on going series because there are so many crystals and stones to go over. I’ve always been drawn to stones, rocks, crystals, etc since I was a child and I’m so happy to bring this knowledge to you.

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