Color Correspondences

Monday, November 1, 2021


Colors have their own unique energies. They carry considerable weight in witchcraft and depending on the light-wave vibration, we can see those colors. Colors can affect our moods, actions, and emotions. Working with specific colors can help you focus your intent and energy while adding energy to your spell work. Colors can be added in every aspect of your practice and very easy to include. 

Each color has multiple associations. The most powerful colors are the ones you associate with. Your feelings towards a color will trump any other magical properties because you will bring the energy you associate that color with into your magic. 

Colors are used throughout your everyday life and there are scientific proof on what colors brings in the most attention. Big companies use certain colors within their logo and marketing. A few years back, I was doing graphic design. I would create logos and marketing tools for small businesses and within this, I had to learn about colors and fonts and so on. The main focus point of a logo and are the colors and clear reading fonts. If you Google, ‘color meaning in logos’, you will get tons of information on how your brain will associates colors of a logo. This is pretty much the same when working with colors within your practice and in your everyday life.

Below is a list of colors and their correspondences. Create a chart and write down each colors. In first column, title is ‘My reactions/feelings’, then write down your first reaction or feelings towards each colors. In the second column, title it ‘Color Association’, then write down what the colors actually associates with. You may find that your reactions and feelings to a color will overlap each other. You may also find that come colors have a positive or negative association to you personally.

Color Correspondences


divination, banishing, absorbing, negative energy, protection, binding


truth, tranquility, protection, hope, honor, change, psychic ability, water element


stability, integrity, justice, sensuality, endurance, animals, concentration, grounding


vitality, strength, success, action, courage,confidence


vision, neutrality, absorbing, negativity


abundance, success, prosperity, growth, healing, fertility, employment, luck, jealousy, earth element


insight, vision, change, flexibility, psychic abilities


intuition, change, spiritual healing, vitality


courage, ambition, pride, energy, enthusiasm, friendship, communication, success, opportunities


compassion, tenderness, harmony, love, affection, romance, spiritual healing


growth, sel-esteem, psychic ability, insight, inspiration, success in business, spiritual


sexual love, lust, passion, strength, willpower, courage, energy, anger, fire element


spiritual truth, intuition receptivity, psychic ability, stability, balance, mysteries, Goddess


creativity, discipline, self-knowledge, spiritual awareness


success, intuition, self-improvement, spiritual awareness


cleansing, purification, purity, tranquility, protection, peace, healing, truth, divination, universal color


joy, vitality, communication, intelligence, study, persuasion, charm, creativity, air element

Learn the different color correspondences of each color when added it to your craft

Learn the different color correspondences of each color when added it to your craft