What is a Christian Witch?

Thursday, October 7, 2021


I’ve been thinking on a way to write this blog post and how to bring this topic to you. Even though, I’m finding my own way in this world just like many of you are, my faith has always been the same. Now that I’m on my own spiritual journey, I’m learning how to include my faith into my practice. What I’ve come to learn is that it’s all very similar in many ways. I’m going to explain things in my own way of thinking. Please keep in mind that this is only my own thoughts and options, So let’s start shall we.

What is a Christian Witch?

A Christian Witch is someone who keeps their faith within the Christian religion and practices witchcraft. Like I stated before in my post, What is Witchcraft?, witchcraft is not evil and in one way or another, we all practice witchcraft without realizing it. In the same way, Christians has their own way of magic but call it by different names such as prayer, holy water, praise, and so on. The Bible would be a Christian’s Grimoire.

How to be a Christian Witch

This will very for many people and I can only speak on what I do in order to be a Christian Witch.

I worship only one God but I do pray to Mary and Jesus. Since I was brought up in the catholic religion, we would pray to certain saints for certain things. This would be the same as manifesting but in a prayer form to a saint.

To bless things and for protection, I would say a pray and/or use Holy Water or the Christian/Catholic cross. Since learning more about other forms of protection and blessings, I’ve worked those within my practice along with prayer. 

I also still do my daily bible verses along with my own affirmations. I also to bible devotions to learn more about the bible. I don’t follow everything that is said within the bible but I do follow the word of Jesus. Love everyone as you would love yourself. Do no harm to others and to forgive all who has harmed you. Give grace to others just has I’ve given you grace. 

These are just a few ways how I incorporate my religion into my practice. In order to do this, I had to let go a lot of the misinformation that was given to me has a child. The things that I let go of was the things that just didn’t seem right to me and made no sense. I had to start making my own thoughts about things and follow my own path. Now, here I am, writing this blog and on the path of a witch.

What does this mean for this blog?

What this means for this blog is, I will bring helpful ways on how you can keep your Christian faith and be a witch at the same time. I will bring spells and rituals that will include your Christian faith along with how to include divination into your practice. Always remember that prayer and words spoken are very powerful things and you can use them within your practice.

A Christian Witch is someone who keeps their faith within the Christian religion and practices witchcraft.