Topics for Beginner Witches

Wednesday, October 20, 2021


If you’ve been following me, you know that I’m new to practicing witchcraft and learning the craft. Like many beginner witches, you’re not sure where to start and it becomes very overwhelming. This is one of the reasons why I started this blog. I want to help new witches on where and how to start their witch journey. There is a lot out there to learn. There’s so much reading and research to do in witchcraft. Then you have to think about your own path and where you want it to go in your practice. You will never stop learning when it comes to your practice. You don’t have to learn everything at once and you don’t have to research everything there is on witchcraft.

Everyone practices witchcraft differently and their path will be there own. You would want to do what feels right to you while your on this path. Everyone in the witch community is still learning whether or not they’ve been practicing all their life. If someone tries to tell you that your practicing wrong or tell you what to do and not do in your practice, don’t listen to them. Like I said before, everyone is on their own path and will practice witchcraft in their own way. I’m here to help you get started, learn, and expand in your practice. 

Don’t feel pressured to conform to any one type of witchcraft. Learn about yourself and do your own research to figure out what type of witch you are. Your craft doesn’t have to be complex. You can do what feels right to you. You don’t have to become Pagan or Wiccan to practice witchcraft. You can add religion to your practice if you want too but you don’t have too. You don’t have to work with deities to be a witch but if you do, then do your research on them. It’s all comes down to your own research and deciding what you want to do and how you want to practice. 

I’m going to go over a few topics you can start with on your journey if you don’t know where to start. You don’t have to research or learn about all of them. This is only a list to help you. Chose the topics you want to learn about and that you’re drawn too. If you need help on what to add to your grimoire and to help you figure out your own path, check out my blog post where I ask you a few questions to help you. 

Topics for Beginner Witches

  • Types of Witches & Traditions
  • The History of Witches and Witchcraft
  • Moon Phases & Cycles
  • The 5 Elements
  • Herbs & Their Magical Properties
  • Different Types of Spell Work
  • Methods of Divinations
  • Crystals & Their Properties
  • Wheel of the Year
  • Grounding & Meditation
10 topics to help you get started on your path as a witch

10 topics to help you get started on your path as a witch