Magical Energies of the Day

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Each part of the day has it’s own magical energies that we can use within our practice. I’m sure you’ve notice this when doing your daily routines. You can perform spells and do magic whenever you like but it will be amplified if you perform it during certain times of the day.


Sunrise is when the earth, itself is waking up. When you wake up at sunrise, you wake up fresh and ready to start your day. It’s the perfect time to plan out your day before it has truly started. It’s also a great time of the day to set your intentions for the day and to start something new. While the sun is rising, banish all negativity that is lurking around you. It’s also a great time to use both the sun and moons energy within your magic.


At the middle of the day, the sun reaches its peak and is at its strongest. It’s a great time to call upon the sun’s strength and to over come lack of energy and weaknesses. Ask for guidance, insight, and inspiration.


As evening draws near, the light of the sun fades. We become tried and ready for our day to end. This will be a great time to meditate or take a few relaxing breaths. Focus on boosting your will power to get through the last few hours of work/school. Think of this your thankful for that happened that day.


A lot of witches work with the moons energy and do most to all of their spell work at this time. This would be a great time to work on psychic energy, divination, and reflection. You can reflect on the day you had to gain clarity or reflect on anything else that you need to gain clarity from.

You can perform magic any time of the day you like, the time of day truly doesn’t matter. Most witches find that working at sunrise or at night is best. I prefer working my magic at sunrise and at night when everything is quite and still. I do a lot of my meditation and yoga at sunrise and I do a lot of my divination work at night. When it comes to spell work, I truly do that when I have the time. 

See what time of the day works best for you and let me know in the comments. I love to hear from my readers. I know that a lot of you can only perform your magic at night unless you work night shifts. It’s always best to plan out a time that will work with you and your life style. Don’t feel pressured to chose a time and do what feels right to you.

Learn different times of the day when your magic is amplified

Learn different times of the day when your magic is amplified