Book Blessing Ritual

Friday, October 15, 2021


A few days ago, I went over a few different ways you can go about blessing your grimoire. I also go over why you should bless your book and today, I’m going to share my book blessing spell. Please keep in mind that I am a Christian Witch and I do use prayer within my spell. 

What You Will Need

  • Your Book
  • Myrrh or Frankincense Incense
  • An incense holder
  • A pen or pencil
  • A white candle
  • An amethyst crystal (optional)
You can also do this with your tablet or iPad. I use my iPad for everything and I use a digital notebook for my Grimoire which I will talk more about later.

Book Blessing Ritual

  1. Once you’ve gathered all your items, find a place where it’s quite and no one can disturb you. 
  2. Place your book in front of you and light your white candle. Place your candle to the east of your book or to the right of your book. By doing this you are bringing in new beginnings. 
  3. Light your myrrh or frankincense incense and while holding it, make a clockwise motion starting from the left with it over your book. Once done, place it in the incense holder and place it to the left of your book.
  4. Optional - Hold your amethyst crystal in the palm of your hands and hold it to your chest for about 10 seconds or so. This is to help you connect to the crystal. Place your amethyst crystal at the top of your book.
  5. Open your book to it’s first page and grab your pen. You will want to write the prayer below within your book. You can also change it up to fit you and your needs.
God, Angels, and Loved Ones, 
I’m humbly honored and it’s with great gratitude that I ask for your blessing of my grimoire. I ask that you walk along side me and fill me with your guidance and wisdom. Please protect this grimoire on my behalf to ensure that it’s safe at all times. Bless me with the time and patience to work on my grimoire and to fill my grimoire with the things I’m called to. Fill this journey I’m on with your love, light, and positivity. In your name, amen.

This is the prayer I have at the very beginning of my grimoire and I read it just about every time I open up my grimoire. You can use this prayer or you can change it up to fit your own needs. You also don’t have to use the prayer at all. You can use all the other steps within your ritual and create your own prayer or intentions for your book.

Remember that filling up your grimoire will take time and I’m here to help you do just that. While you wait for another blog post to be posted, think about the things you are drawn too. What are the things you mainly want to learn about and add to your practice? I’ll be back with another blog post talking about the things you can add to your grimoire. 

Learn a very easy and simple book blessing ritual