Types of Witches 1:1

Friday, September 24, 2021

Most, to all of us are witches, it depends on wether or not we answer to that call. A witch is someone who is wise in the things that they do. A witch will put in the study and energy work into the things or skills they are passionate about. You know what you like and what you’re interested in, but how do you find out what type of witch you are. I’m here to help you with that. Below is a run down of all the different types of witches there are. If you identify to more than one type of witch, that’s okay. You can be more than just one. It’s all up to you on how you want to move forward.

Traditional Witch

Someone who takes more a historical approach to their practice. They will study old witch lore, read everything they can about the historical witches and know a lot about the witch trials. They will follow traditional spells and rituals.

Hereditary Witch

Someone who has been born into a family who already practices witchcraft. They’ll have knowledge of their craft that has been passed down to them from family. They would also use a family Grimoire and/or Book of Shadows.

Augury Witch

Someone who studies birds in order to determine the will of the Gods. They will also learn and interpret signs and omens to determine if someone is on the right path. They will help and guide people who are on a spiritual quest.

Ceremonial Witch

Someone who believes ceremonies and ritual are the most important thing in their practice. They also believe strongly in following a set of rules.They will worship a spiritual being that most represents the energy that they want to manifest.

Elemental Witch

Someone who uses the four elements as the main inspiration into their practice. These four elements are: fire, water, earth, and air. They’ll honor each element in their practice. They’ll call upon the elements when doing spells and rituals.

Shamanic Witch

Someone who can reach an altered state of consciousness in order to engage and interact with the spirit world. They will communicate with the spirits. They will also perform spiritual healings for others. 

Solitary Witch

Someone who doesn’t belong to a coven and practice their craft within their home by themselves. They can be whatever type of witch they want to be and they can be more than one type. This gives you the freedom to practice how you want. They can combine bits of their own religion or other religions into their practice. 

Secular Witch

Someone who sees their craft as an entirely different thing from their spirituality. They would keep their spirituality and faith away from their practice. This would be a good fit for someone who isn’t a big believer in a god/goddess but does believe in the power of magic.

Eclectic Witch

Someone who will pull from many different sources and religions to create their practice. They’ll include whatever they feel like including into their practice. They’ll come up with their own spells and rituals. They will explore and find their own path.

Hearth Witch

Someone who focuses on the magic of the home. They’ll use a blend of herbal, kitchen, and elemental magic to make their home feel welcome and warm. They’ll practice most of their craft in the kitchen like a kitchen witch, but their focus is mainly on caring for the home and the people who live in it.

Green Witch

Someone who works with nature. They’ll use the seasons as inspiration for their practice and will create their own tools from natural resources. They will form a connection with nature and wildlife. They will go out into nature as much as they can and look for new plants and animals to study. They will also have plants within their home and around their home.

Kitchen Witch

Someone who enjoys cooking and adds their intention into what they’re making. They will match their magic to the food that they are making. They will tend to grow their own herbs and vegetables to use. They will have an interest in herbs and spices. 

Hedge Witch

Someone who is a healer and use nature and herbs in their practice. They combine both kitchen and green witch practices. They will give great thought to every little thing they do throughout the day. They are able to communicate with the psychic world and are able to do psychic work.

Faery Witch

Someone who works with faeries and nature spirits. They will perform their own rituals and will pull inspiration from many different sources.

Folk Witch

Someone who base their practice on the folklore customs and traditions. They would study many legends, the history or the people, and the territory. They will include folklore magic, religion, and beliefs into their practice.

Crystal Witch

Someone who will focus mainly on working with crystals and crystal magic. They would have knowledge about the properties of crystals and will include crystals into their practice.

Sea Witch

Some who practices with bodies of water and it’s natural resources. They will focus on the moon’s energy and include it into their practice. A sea witch would usually live by bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, oceans, streams, etc.

Cosmic Witch

Someone who loves astrology and astronomy. It would be something that they would include into their practice. They will closely follow the movement of the planets and the moon. They will do most of their spells and rituals with the moon or planet cycles. There are subcategories within the Cosmic Witch that will allow you to work with just a category you want to work with. You don’t have to work with all of them if you don’t want too.

Astrological Witch

Someone who works mainly with astrology and it’s zodiac symbols.

Lunar Witch

Someone who works with the cycles of the moon. They will use the cycles of the moon within their rituals.

Steller Witch

Someone who works mostly with the stars and constellations.

Solar Witch

Someone who works with the sun and will use its power in their spells and rituals.

Planetary Witch

Someone who works the planets and will use its power in their spells and rituals.

Divination Witch

Someone who base their practice through the use of divination and divination tools. This can be tarot cards, oracle cards, crystals, runes, pendulum, etc. They will mainly work with these tools to speak and connect with Spirit. They would also use more than one divination tool.

Angel Witch

Someone who works with angels rather than deities, gods, or goddess. They are connected to the angelic realms. All of their spells and rituals are directed to angelic energies. They work with numerology and apply it in their craft.

Chaos Witch

Someone who incorporates many types of magic and is guided intuitively.

Animist Witch

Someone who believes that living energy is everywhere and doesn’t distinguish between living things and material physical objects.

There are many, many more types of witches out there. These are just a few that I feel are pretty common besides the religion type witches. I’m reading a book called ‘What Type of Witch Are You?’ By Julie Wilder. Once I’m done with it, I’ll come back and give you all a book review. I did find two blogs that have great blog posts about the types of witches. I’ll also link below a few witch quizzes you can take to see what type of witch you are. I tested them all out and they’ve been pretty spot on for me. 

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