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Pine Properties

Thursday, November 17, 2022

With Yule, Winter Solstice, and Christmas coming up, I wanted to talk about the properties of pine since it is used throughout the winter. Pine is one of my favorite smells when it comes to winter. I also like to add pine to my Christmas decor when it’s time to decorate. Anyways, below is information about pine and how you can use it within your practice. 

Pine is an evergreen tree, meaning that it is long-living and long-lasting. Which makes it the perfect item to use for longevity workings. It also symbolizing warmth which is great for those long cold winter nights. 

Pine is part of the Pinaceae family and refers to and conifer in the Pinus genus. There are about 120 species of evergreen conifers around the world but most of them are native to the Northern Temperate regions. Conifers have evolved around 300 million years ago and pines evolved 153 million years ago. 

A fun fact about pine cones is that they are gendered both male and female. The male pine cones are smaller and stay on the tree for one season. The female pine cones are larger and will stay on the tree for 1.5 to 3 years. Most pine prefer acidic soils and require good drainage, although a few pine trees are able to grow in wet soil. 

Using Pine

You can use pine needles in a herbal bath to help calm you and to reduce inflammation. You can also use young pine needles to make teas to help with cold like symptoms. You can also create a steam using fresh pine leaves and water to help clear up your sinuses. Different parts of the pine tree do have slightly different uses. Pine resin can be toxic and shouldn’t be consumed. 

Health Benefits of Pine

Please note that I am not in the medical field and this is based on my own research. Please do your own research on this subject to come to your own conclusion. 

Pine can be used in:

  • Baths
  • Teas (young pine needles)
  • In water to create a steam

The befits of pine are:

  • Ani-inflammatory
  • Helps symptoms of colds and coughs
  • Resin can help remove splinters
  • Improve brain function and memory
  • Boost your mood
  • Easy muscle and joint aches
  • Protects skin from sun damage

Properties of Pine


  • Cone - bearing evergreens 
  • Straight trunk
  • Bark can be dark and furrowed or divided into rectangular plates
  • Branches grow in whorls around the tree

Botanical Name: Pinus | Pinaceae Family

Other Names: Pinus nigra, Pinus rigida, Pinus sylvestris

Aroma: Sharp, sweet, and refreshing

Symbolism: Warmth, Longevity, Peace


Gender: Masculine

Element: Air

Planet: Mars

Zodiacs: Aries, Scorpio

Deities: Pan, Diana, Baccus, Saturn, Astarte, Cybele

Crystals: Citrine, Pyrite, Moonstone

Chakras: Throat

Magical Properties

Luck, Joy, Balance, Purification, Banishment, Healing, Fertility, Prosperity, Longevity, Happiness

Sourced From

All over | Native to Northern Temperate Regions

What is a Hearth Witch?

Thursday, November 10, 2022


Since I’ve been on this path of mine, I’ve come to learn more and more about myself and about the types of witchcraft I do practice. Because I’ve been taking in so much information from all different type of sources, I’ve had to step back from blogging. At times when I become overwhelmed, I retreat inward to process things. It’s something I’ve always done even as a child. But today I’m here to talk about house witches or hearth witches. Let’s see what the meaning of house and hearth is.



1. a building for human habitation, especially one that is lived in by a family or small group of people.



1. the floor or area in front of a fireplace

2. used as a symbol of one’s home

What is a Hearth (House) Witch?

A Hearth Witch combines the energies of hedge, green, and kitchen witchery and uses the magic of their home within their craft. This path is more of a spiritual path that is rooted in the belief that the home is a place where it is sacred, peaceful, and nourishing. 

Hearthcraft is part herbalism, part healing, part counseling, and part nature based. Magical homemaking is part of the Hearth Witch’s way to be grounded and sacred. This craft is a daily practice of mindfulness of actives within the home and every day living.

The Path of a Hearth (House) Witch

The path of a Hearth (House) Witch is the focus of the home and the magic within. A house is just a house but a Hearth Witch can make any house into a home. Just like the hearth was the center of the home, a Hearth Witch will help keep the fire burning to keep the home warm and welcoming. They would maintain the home and create a nurtured and positive space for all who live in and who visit the home. 

Hearthcraft is very simple and most to all of us do this craft without realizing it. Hearthcraft is the practice of home-based spirituality and how to establish everyday actives that support you and your home spirituality. Maintaining a healthy spirituality means keeping yourself relaxed, focused, and grounding. Taking responsibility for your spiritual practice and working from the heart of your home, is a step toward a more rewarding relationship with the world around you. 

The Path of a Hearth (House) Witch

Like I stated before, hearthcraft is a very simple craft. You don’t have to do big rituals within this craft to practice but you do have to be aware or your intent. Below are ways you can practice hearthcraft within your home. 

1. Live in the moment. 

Being in the moment means not thinking about what you will do next. It means thinking about what you are doing in this moment.

2. Be aware of your intent.

Awareness is key to most magical working. Envisioning a clear defined result is key to success.

3. Direct your energy properly.

Focus your will and allow it to fill the action you are performing.

4. Focus on an action.

Focus on a single action rather than a series of actions. Hearthcraft is about keeping things simple and focusing on the actual work you are doing in the home. 

Being a Hearth (House) Witch also means the upkeep of your home. You must take care of your home by cleaning it and being mindful when you do your house duties. It also means making your home welcoming. 

One way I like to do this is to decorate for the holidays and seasons. When I do decorate, I’m thinking about the up coming holidays and saying a small blessing over our family and home. Another way to upkeep your home is to renew your wards and to make sure the energies in your home is correct.

On another blog post, I will speak about wha is a Kitchen and Green Witch because they do inner-twine with being a Hearth (House) Witch. Until then, blessed be.

Love & Happiness Simmer Pot

Wednesday, July 6, 2022


I know I haven’t been posting much on my blog but that will change now that I’m all organized and ready to get back to blogging. While I was away, I’ve been creating my own simmer pot recipes. Let me tell you, some have smelled so amazing and some not so much. Either way, the items used in my simmer pot recipes are beneficial to your home and you spiritual. It’s always a plus when they smell good too.

The more I follow my path and practice, the more I’m learning that I do a lot of hearthcraft and that I’m more of a house witch than I like to admit. I started reading the book ‘The House Witch’ again, and a lot that is mentioned in this book, I already do. So it’s reassuring to me that I am on the right path for my practice and that I’ve been doing a lot of hearthcraft just about my whole life. Part of my practice that I like to do are simmer pots and I’m here to share the recipes that I come up with for you all to try. Below is a recipe for love and happiness. This can be used for yourself or for your home and the people who live with you. I like to do a simmer pot at the start of each month but you can do them whenever you like. 

Supplies Needed:

  • A pot. I use a small crockpot.
  • A stove if using a pot.
  • A knife and spoon.
  • A pen or sharpie.

Ingredients Needed:

Below are the ingredients you will need for this simmer pot. I’m not going to go into to much detail of each item, but I will give you a quick overview of each.

1. Oranges
To summon love, luck, and to manifest prosperity.

2. Rosemary
Used for protection, love, lust, boosting energy, purification, and good health.

3. Mint
Used for healing, protection, wealth, energy, and communication.

4. Motherwort
Helps builds confidence and success.

5. Red Rose Petals
Brings in peace, love, and happiness.

6. Bay Leaves
Helps with protection, purifications, cleansing, and manifestation.


Once you have all your supplies and ingredients, you would want to add everything to your pot.
  1. Add water to your pot and bring it to a boil. Then bring the temperature to a simmer.
  2. Cut your oranges and add them to your pot.
  3. Add in your rosemary, mint, motherwort, and rose petals to your pot.
  4. Before you add in your bay leaves, you can write on each leaf the things you would like to bring into your home and life. For this simmer pot I wrote: happiness, love, peace on three bay leaves.
  5. Once you’ve added in all your ingredients, stir them counter clockwise with you spoon to bring in things into your life and home.
Before I do my simmer pot, I do pray to my God and after, I thank my God and the herbs I’ve used. You don’t have to do this but I like to do this for my own beliefs. 

Once my simmer pot is done, I let it cool and then I dump everything in my pot at the base of one of the trees in our yard. This is just what I like to do when I’m done with my simmer pot. You don’t have to do this and you can do as you wish with what is left of your own simmer pot. Please do not drink or eat the items in your simmer pot.

Blog Update

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Hi my beautiful witches! 

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I haven’t really been following along with my learning and I took a much needed long break because I was getting very overwhelmed with all the information I was learning and taking in.

I’ve been thinking a lot on what direction I what my blog and my Etsy shop to go. I know I want to continue to incorporate my witch path in both but I’m stuck and fill like my blog and Etsy shop name doesn’t fit with what I want to do. I want to change my name but I’m unsure to what.

I still want to bring you easy ways to learn and add things to your Book of Shadows, Grimoires, and journals, wether those are digital or physical. Since this is what I’m doing for myself as well. I like to journal both on my iPad and with paper. This is why I offer digital and printable products.

I’m not going to offer so much free graphics like I did before but I will continue to make them. Some will go into my Etsy shop and some will be free on my blog. It just takes a lot of time to gather information and to create graphics and this is where I become overwhelmed. I love to make graphics but when I have to make them and have a “due date”, then it becomes trying. 

So back to the name. I was thinking Eclectic Journaling or Eclectic Witch Journaling. What do you all think? Any ideas that come to mind? Or keep the name Eclectic Witch Blog for this blog and change my Etsy Shop name to Eclectic Journaling?

So many thoughts are running through my head at the moment. 

Purification & Abundance Simmer Pot

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

I know it’s been awhile since I posted here on this blog. I had to put my focus on my other business that I have and now that its doing well, I can plan out my time a little better. My posting here will be less than before. Instead of posting three to four times a week, I will post about two times a week. This will help me with not getting burnt out and will also give me more time to do research on my blog posts. I’m still here, and I’m still trying to figure out things to make everything work together.

Now that I’ve updated you all a little, I want to share with you all a simmer pot I did at the beginning of this month. It’s great for spring and will help bring in good health, cleansing, love, and so much more. I love doing simmer pots at the first of the month to help cleanse our home and to bring in abundance, love, and so much more into our home. The more I learn about simmer pots and the ingredients used, the more I think about hearthcraft. I’ll have a blog post about that soon. 

The simmer pot below is something that I kind of just put together and came up with. Below will be all the ingredients you will need for this simmer pot along with the magical means of what is used.

Supplies needed:

1. A pot. I use a small crockpot I got from Walmart but any pot will work.
2. A stove. This can be our normal kitchen stove or an eclectic portable stove.
3. A knife and spoon. 

Ingredients needed:

I will list everything you will need below for this simmer pot. Under each ingredient, I will go into magical properties of each ingredient. I’m not going to go into much detail of each ingredient but I will give you a quick overview of each one. Later on I will make a post of each herb to explain them more.

1. Oranges. I like to use the little tiny ones called Cuties.
Oranges can be used to summon love, luck, and to manifest prosperity.

2. Rosemary
Rosemary can be used for protection, love, lust, boosting energy, purification, healing, and sleep.

3. Mint
Mint can be used to bring in prosperity to a business, healing, protection, wealth, energy, and communication.

4. Lavender
Lavender can be used for love, protection, healing, sleep, purification, and peace.

5. Hyssop
Hyssop can help with purification, lightens energy, promotes spiritual opening, and cleansing.

6. Cinnamon (sticks or powder)
Cinnamon can help with protection, cleansing, psychic ability, boosting energy, healing, luck, success, wealth, love, and lust.

7. Bay Leaf (leaves)
Bay Leaf can help with protection, healing, purification, cleansing, creativity, strength, psychic awareness, manifestation, and prosperity.


Once you have all you supplies and ingredients, you would want to add everything to your pot to start simmering them.

1. Bring your water to a boil and then bring the temperature to a simmer.
2. Cut your oranges and add them to your pot.
3. Add in your rosemary, mint, lavender, hyssop, and cinnamon into your pot.
4. Before you add in your bay leaf (leaves), you can write on each leaf what you would like to manifest or bring into your home and/or life. This is optional but not necessary. What I like to do before adding in my bay leaves is to pray over them.
5. Once you’ve added in all your ingredients, stir them counter clockwise with your spoon to bring in things into your life and/or home. 

After I’ve done all of this, I thank the herbs and a I thank my God, since I am a Christian Witch. Once my simmer pot is done, I let it cool and then dump everything at the trunk of one of the trees in our yard. This will help the tree along with feed the animals around that tree. What I was giving, I’m giving back to the Earth.

Give this simmer pot a try and let me know how it goes for you. I’ll try and bring you a simmer pot recipe each month. See you all soon and blessed be. 

Color Magic

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

I know I’ve been a little quite here on the blog for a week or two. I had to take some time to rest and “get away” from social media and the internet in general. I’m behind on getting my own research into my grimoire and may take some time “away” again at a later date. I also need to make more products for my Etsy shop. But for now, I want to talk about color magic.

On another post, I talked about color correspondences. This is a great starting point to know what each color means and what feelings they correspondence with. I also created an image you can download and add into your grimoire (BOS). In this blog post, I want to go over how you can harness the power of colors and how you can add it into you craft.

What I love about color magic is that I can use it every day without having to do a spell or ritual. What I’m finding out about my own path is that I’m more of an “everyday” witch. What I mean by this is, I like to do a little magic through out the day and I don’t have to ‘actually’ do a spell. Let me clarify a bit here. Spells for me, takes a lot of time and research. Sometimes I will take a whole day to do research on the herbs and ingredients a spell needs before actually doing the spell. I’m not the type to just jump into a spell or ritual. I have to know why I’m doing this and what effects it will have. But with color magic, I don’t have to think or research it at all. It’s something easy I can do every day.

What is color magic (magick)?

Color magic is using colors and the intention of each color to invoke its magical properties. Each color gives off different energies and feelings. Colors change the mood of places and people. Some people have a favorite color or a color they are most attached to because is gives them a certain feeling. 

When using color magic, you want to have that colors meaning in mind. Say I want a room to be calming a relaxing, I will decorate it with some blues and a hint of yellow. Or if I want to give off a loving feeling, I will decorate the room with pinks and a hint of white. 

I like to use color magic throughout my home and in my everyday life. Each room in my home it decorated with a color scheme or theme. I also like to use color magic within my beauty routine as well. This would include my makeup and nails along with what I choose to wear for the day. 

Color Meaning

Each color has general properties and meanings. Color is used throughout the world and within businesses to invoke certain feelings. Keep in mind that the most important aspect of any magic is YOU. We all relate to colors in different ways. I’ve already went over each color correspondences in another post, so I’m not going to repost it here.

How I use Color Magic

I don’t work with all colors because I already have those “color qualities“ within me. When I feel I need a little boost, then I will add that color to my day. For example, yellow and orange is associated with communication. When I’m having a hard time coming up with something to write about, I use a yellow or orange mechanical pencil or pen to write down my ideas.

Every morning, after I wake up, I put on my mascara and lipstick. I pretty much keep the same color lipstick and never use a different kind. My makeup range between pinks and browns and a little black. For me, pink is apart of my personality. The color pink gives off love, compassion, harmony, etc. One of the reasons why I don’t really stray from the color pink within my makeup.

One of the most ways I use color magic is within my nails. I like to do my own nails and I choose the colors I want to use with the intent of the meanings of each color. I can use as many colors as I want on my nails but I like to stick with two to three different colors unless I do some kind of nail art. This is the main way I use color magic.

I also use color magic with my coffee and tea. I choose a mug that has the colors I want to work with for that moment. I do this every morning and every evening. By doing this, I’m able to do self magic. If I’m feeling down or low on energy, I use my yellow mug. If I want to calm down for the day, I use my blue mug. The use of color magic within your drinks and cups/mugs are endless. 

Color magic can be used whenever and however you want. It’s the most easiest way you can do magic. Jus about every person on the plant has or is doing color magic without knowing. They do this by having a favorite color or changing up the color within a room. Color magic can be the smallest and the most simplest way to do magic. It’s all about bing aware and the intentions you want to have or give off.

I hope this helps you and gives you the courage to start using magic within your everyday life. 

Organizing Spell Jar Supplies

Monday, January 31, 2022

 See how I organize my spell jar supplies using a 3 drawer organizer
Over the pass few weeks, I’ve been trying to find ways to organize my witchcraft supples to where they are on my desk. A few weeks back, I showed you all how I made myself a mini tarot deck holder and today I’m going to show you haw I store all of my spell jar supplies. I used supplies I already had to make over a mini 3 drawer organizer. I already had the organizer as well and it was only collecting dust. So why not use it to store my supplies.

Anyways, here is how I added vinyl to my organizer and organize my spell jar supplies. I don’t have much supplies but it’s enough for what I need to do for now. 

What You’ll Need

1. A small drawer organizer. I have a 3 drawer plastic container.

2. Adhesive vinyl is any color you want to use. I used Oracal 651 vinyl.

3. Something to cut the vinyl with. I use a paper trimmer and a pencil to mark my lines.

4. A thick card or a squeegee too to squeeze out air bubbles.

See how I organize my spell jar supplies using a 3 drawer organizer

How to update your drawer organizer.

1. Get all your supplies out. Place one the the drawers on top of your vinyl and use your pencil to mark your lines.
2. Cut out your measured pieces of vinyl.
3. Place your vinyl inside of your drawers and take out any air bubbles.

It’s very simple to cover up or makeover this little organizer. You can also use scrapbook paper as well. You would need to use glue of tape to hold it down. Be creative with it and make it your own. I love how mine cam out. The drawers looks so much better than it did when they were clear.

When I was done, I added all of my spell jar supplies in it. I added all my tools (matches, string, etc.) in the first drawer, my candles in the second drawer, and all my jars in the third draw. Most to all of my tools I had on hand but I got my candles and jars from Amazon. You can also got my mini jars and candles from Dollar Tree or Dollar General depending on the sizes you want.

See how I organize my spell jar supplies using a 3 drawer organizer
See how I organize my spell jar supplies using a 3 drawer organizer

See how I organize my spell jar supplies using a 3 drawer organizer

Cinnamon Properties

Friday, January 28, 2022

Cinnamon is used a lot in baked goods, drinks, and witchcraft. Cinnamon is known for the warmth and stability it gives off. In witchcraft cinnamon is used a lot for it’s protection and healing properties. Over all cinnamon is a great spice to have around your home even if you don’t practice witchcraft.

Cinnamon is also known as cinnamomum zeylanicum or cassia. Its part of the lauraceae familyand is native to southwestern India and Sri Lanka. It is most commonly used as powder and sticks but is actually quills. The quills are obtained by carefully peeling away a sheet of the inner bark of a cinnamon tree. 

Using Cinnamon

Cinnamon can be used when cooking and baking. You can add it into your coffee, tea, and cider. Cinnamon gives off a sweet and spicy aroma and is great to help your home smell good. Cinnamon is mostly common around fall and winter because of the sense of warmth it gives off.

The use of cinnamon when doing spell work is to help with protection, healing, boosting energy, cleansing energy, and psychic abilities. It can also invoke lust and bring in success. Cinnamon is a great tool to ward against evil and to draw in happiness. 

Cinnamon Healing Properties

With the wide range of benefits that cinnamon offers, please do not consume large amounts. It can cause miscarriages during pregnancy and make you sick if you do so. Any medicinal benefits, please seek a medical professional for advice.

1. Cinnamon is an anti-inflammatory and can help with joint pain.

2. It can help with upset stomachs, car sickness, and digestive issues.

3. Can help with menstruation pain and boost your energy.

4. It can improve glucose and insulin your metabolism.

These are only a few healing properties of cinnamon. I don’t want to go into great detail on this subject because I’m not in the medical field and this is based on my own research. Please do your own research on this topic to come up with your own conclusions. If you want, you can ask a medical professional about this topic.

Cinnamon Properties


Colors: Warm earthy medium brown, sometimes lite brown

Botanical Name: Cinnamomum Verum | Lauraceae family

Other Names: True Cinnamon, Sri Lanka Cinnamon, Cinnamon Cassia

Aroma: Sweet and Spicy, Peppery and Vanilla like

Symbolism: Warmth and Stability


Gender: Masculine

Element: Fire

Planet: Sun and Mars

Zodiacs: Aris

Deities: Aphrodite, Dionysus, Mercury, Venus, Apollo, Miletus

Chakras: Root and Sacral

Magical Properties

Protection, Cleansing, Psychic Ability, Boosting Energy, Healing, Luck, Success, Wealth, Love, Lust

Sourced From

Southwestern India | Sri Lanka | Indonesia |Seychelles | Africa | South America

Grow your knowledge on the properties of cinnamon

Grow your knowledge on the properties of cinnamon